@rchops is the Twitter account of Rohit Chopra, academic, writer, and founder of @IndiaExplained. Rohit's work centers on the relationship of media, technology, and cultural identity. His current book projects examine how the 1992-1993 riots and the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai are recorded in different forms of media, and how the internet is transforming our sense of the past. He is also working on a trade publication on Hindu nationalism and new media (under contract with HarperCollins India). In addition to his academic publications, Rohit has written on media, politics, and culture for a number of publications, including the Economic and Political Weekly, Scroll, Wire, Outlook, LiveMint, New Inquiry, Quartz, and NewsLaundry.  In an earlier life, Rohit worked in the internet industry in India. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and son. When he is not in front of a book or computer or on his cellphone, Rohit enjoys driving on the Pacific Coast, exploring California with his family, and obsessing over music trivia.